I do contract engineering and special project work for any AM and/or FM broadcast facility. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to transmitter installation & repair, AM directional antenna systems, all types of RF measurements, studio construction & maintenance, computers, networking, various automation systems, etc.

Although the bulk of my clients are located generally in the central, south central, and southwest part of the country, I am open to work most anywhere there is a need. I am available 24/7 by phone for consultation for any engineering related problems or emergencies.


Beginning June 30, 1994, the FCC mandated that all AM stations measure their antenna emissions annually. Commonly referred to as "NRSC Measurements", the FCC also requires that these measurements be made annually on all AM stations no more than 14 months apart. I have the expertise and equipment necessary to make these measurements. Since 2002 I have been preforming this service for a large number of stations in various parts of the country.

In order to make this service more affordable for everyone, I perform these measurements for all the stations at the same time each year (early Fall). Spreading the travel costs and other expenses amongst a large group in this way, allows me to provide the service at very reasonable prices for everyone. More detailed information on NRSC Measurements, rates, and other technical data is available by clicking on the appropriate links on this page.


I have worked full time in Broadcasting for over 52 years. During that time I have been Director of Engineering for at least three different companies. During my career, I have maintained all kinds of facilities including as many as three 6-tower AM directional stations at the same time. I have built many studio complexes, erected many towers, installed FM & AM transmitters, STL systems, etc. In addition to my NRSC measurement clients, I do contract work for a number of stations in Oklahoma and surrounding states.